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A dead body lies on the floor of an industrial shed on the outskirts of town.
Commissioner Cagliostro takes in the scene before him: he’s seen a lot of things during his career as a cop, but nothing like this. The man lying dead on the floor is him! He is staring at his own murder scene.
Something stops Cagliostro from bowing out definitively: he has to stay behind to nail his killer because it is the only way to save his wife, Anna, and just maybe remedy the mistakes he made when alive.
The only person who can help him in this mission is a seventeen-year-old girl named Vanessa, who then finds out that she is a clairvoyant.

The Red Door Series is based on combining a classic investigation with a supernatural element: a dead police commissioner refuses to leave this world so that he can investigate his own murder and save his wife’s life.

Not only does the supernatural element strengthen the whodunit framework, it also allows the life-after-death theme to emerge in all its metaphorical power.

In The Red Door everything that is in the past and that we cannot forget is “ghostly”.  Likewise the mistakes made are “ghostly”, those mistakes we have not made peace with, and those we would have preferred to make.   “Ghostly” are also the people who live beside us, of whom we have no more than a fleeting, superficial image, the one that decides to reveal itself or the only one we are interested in seeing.

In The Red Door death is not treated as a moment of closure, but as an opportunity to reflect and to transform: this aspect is especially apparent in Anna, who looks upon mourning as a chance to grow, and also in Vanessa, who discovers her real self the moment she confronts death.

Anna Mayer:                         GABRIELLA PESSION
Leonardo Cagliostro:            LINO GUANCIALE
Vanessa Rosic:                     VALENTINA ROMANI
Stefano Rambelli:                 ANTONIO GERARDI
Diego Paoletti:                      GAETANO BRUNO
Valerio Lorenzi:                     FAUSTO SCIARAPPA
Stella Mariani:                       ELENA RADONICICH
Antonio Piras:                       ETTORE BASSI
Eleonora Pavesi:                  CECILIA DAZZI
Stefania Pavesi:                   ALESSIA BARELA
Filip:                                      PIERPAOLO SPOLLON
Raffaele Gherardi:                RANIERO MONACO DI LAPIO
Elvio Mayer:                          TOMMASO RAGNO
Jonas:                                   ANDREA BOSCA

Carlo Lucarelli
Giampiero Rigosi
Sofia Assirelli Michele Cogo

Assistant Director
Cristina Corna

Barbara Giordani, Antonella Perrucci

Paola Cristofaroni

Hair Styler
Luca Pompozzi

Sound department
Antongiorgio Sabia, Marco De Carolis

Camera operators
Marco Buzzetti, Andrea Legnani, Pierluigi Presutti

Production Managers
Stefano Dioguardi, Cristian Schiozzi

Post-production Coordinator
Fabio Volpentesta

Editing Assistant
Silvia De Rose, Simone Bonanni

Antonella Cannarozzi

Set Design
Nino Formica

Set Decoration
Livia Del Priore

General Manager
Stefania Balduini

Lorenzo Fanfani

Stefano Lentini  (Edizioni musicali RaiCom)

Alessandro Pesci, Roberto Cimatti

Rai Producers
Anouk Andaloro, Luigi Mariniello, Michele Zatta

Produced by
Tommaso Dazzi
Maurizio Tini

Carmine Elia

Country of origin:  Italia

Year of production: 2016

Number of episodes: 12×50’

The shooting location is Trieste – Italy

  No Contractual Credits


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