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Detective Coliandro is back!

Detective Coliandro is back!

Coming the new series “The Red Door”.
The crime fiction in twelve episodes created by the master of noir Carlo Lucarelli and filmed by director Elia Carmine in the striking scenery of Trieste mystery tint.

The Red Door

Incoming a new series of Detective Coliandro.
The unique and irreverent police detective played by Giampaolo Morelli, keep us company in the coming months with new episodes full of funny gags and a lot of adrenaline.

The Silence of  Water

The disappearance of the teenager Laura Mancini is the dramatic starting point of a complex investigation that will bring to light the dark sides and the secrets hidden behind the respectable facade of a small seaside village. The gripping detection, between false leads, hidden truths and secret relationships, will reveal that nobody is as he seems. Nobody is innocent.

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